Caffè Al Dente

Caffè al Dente is a restaurant, osteria, a wine cellar, enoteca and a delicatessen, negozio, all in one agreeable, open space. Here you can find meticulously selected 100 percent Italian products, but also one of the largest Italian wine cellars in Europe, outside of Italy. The Rosa family opened the cafe on March 6th 2000.

After Lakhdar Hamina Lakhdar joined them in 2010, the team decided to give the popular neighborhood spot a breath of fresh air and turn it into an essential south Brussels destination. This venue for in-the-know epicureans is inspired by mythic Italy, the cherished one of our imaginations.

The visual identity developed takes into account the dining experience, aiming for something fresh, gourmet and generous, in order to accentuate the location’s values.

The selected typeface, combined with the gold color, reflects retro store signs from old Italian negozi and the Italian-American esthetic of the 50’s and 60’s. The gold, pistachio and turquoise palette breaks with customary Italian colors. This transversal approach is completed by illustrations reflecting the convivial and spontaneous atmosphere; they show quality products, the art of eating well. The illustrations, hand-painted on the walls, but also on the windows, the logo, the invitations, the website, the restaurant gazette…form a library of exclusive drawings, making the establishment’s communications as unique, authentic and personalized as the venue itself. In addition to these illustrations, archival photos and grand symbols of Italy are employed on the stationary and decorate the walls of the Caffè al Dente.

The restaurant also has its own quarterly publication with a circulation of several thousand, the Gazzett’al Dente, printed on pink newspaper, a nod to the famous Italian Gazzetta dello Sport. The mock-up revisits classic daily and tabloid codes, additionally associated with the restaurant’s visual identity (color code, illustrations and photographs). The result is a dynamic publication, warm and contemporary. The website echoes the Gazzetta: responsive, practical and comprehensive, listing good local addresses, giving advice, suggesting wines… All in a desire to inform the consumer and participate in the Belgian culinary scene. website by Digital Park

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